Stop Using Your Credit Card

We’ve see this advice before, haven’t we?

The first step to getting out of credit card debt: stop using your card(s). offers 7 tricks to stop using credit cards.  But I wonder if anyone actually ever took action after reading this article?

The thing is, the advice to stop using your credit cards is so obvious it’s not even worth mentioning, really.  It’s the equivalent of saying someone needs to stop smoking cigarettes in order to quit the habit.

Unfortunately correcting your habits it’s a bit more complex than that.  And while “trick 7” in the article alludes to what is required, it is certainly not a trick.  It’s takes a serious attitude adjustment and includes some growing pains.

The thing is, your financial habits are so ingrained within you that they are on the same wavelength as how you sleep and eat.

Overall, I am sorry to report that this advice is so obvious that it’s useless.  And unfortunately it likely in most cases makes people who want to help themselves feel bad.  Because it makes it sound easy.  And well, as any of us who have climbed out of credit card debt know, it’s just not that easy.


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    • Darian

      Hi John, I stopped using credit cards two months ago. I think the majority of those that stopped using them are like me. They are tired of the big banks taking advantage of people. I was paying off my balance every month but I refuse to give the banks anything. Maybe when 10 million people stop using credit cards the banks will begin to realize we aren’t going to put up with their garbage anymore.